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Woman Is Imprisoned By The Court After Defrauding Her Husband Of N2m

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Elizabeth Gift was given a sentence by a magistrates’ court in Kano State for cheating her husband of N2,050,000 after he asked her to deposit the money in a bank.

The defendant, who was dispatched by her husband, Benefice, to deposit the specified amount to the bank at some point in April, returned and said that some persons had used weapons to steal the money from her, the prosecutor, Barrister Jamilu Abubakar, informed the court.

Investigation, according to him, showed that the money was not taken from her and that she intentionally gave it to a few others so they could make more money for her.

The accused made a guilty plea.

She was given an 18-month prison sentence and told to reimburse her spouse N2,050,000 by Magistrate Halima Nasir.

However, the magistrate offered her the choice of a N50,000 fine or an 18-month sentence.

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