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Tinubu Works Between 20 Hours Each Day Says Dele Alake

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Tinubu Works Between 20 Hours Each Day


Good evening, and welcome to the latest news update. In a recent interview with Arise News, Dele Alake, the Special Adviser to the President on Communication, Strategy, and Special Duties, has disclosed some interesting insights into President Bola Ahmed Tinubu’s work ethic.

According to Alake, President Tinubu dedicates an astonishing 20 hours per day to his responsibilities, aiming to fulfill the campaign promises made to the Nigerian people.

Alake further emphasized that President Tinubu has been a diligent worker throughout his political career, including his tenure as the Governor of Lagos State. Since assuming office on May 29, President Tinubu has maintained a rigorous schedule, working tirelessly to address the nation’s challenges and advance its progress.

In light of his unwavering commitment and the significant actions taken by President Tinubu in the past three weeks, Nigerians have taken to social media to commend his efforts. The impact of his leadership is resonating positively among the populace.

It is worth mentioning that Alake had previously expressed confidence in President Tinubu’s ability to swiftly assemble a team of capable individuals to support him in governing the country. Alake emphasized that President Tinubu is known for his efficiency, highlighting that he doesn’t require more than three weeks to form a cabinet.

In fact, Alake believes that a month is sufficient for any serious government to establish its cabinet and put a functional governmental structure in place.

As we witness President Tinubu’s remarkable dedication to his role, Nigerians eagerly anticipate the outcomes of his administration’s endeavors. With his relentless work ethic and the positive reception from the public, President Tinubu’s tenure holds the promise of significant progress and the realization of his campaign pledges.

In Dele Alake Words;

“I told you in an earlier interview that it didn’t take Asiwaju more than three weeks to form his cabinet as governor. That was as at that time. I think 60 days is even too much. A month, maximum, is enough for any serious government to form its cabinet and put a structure of government in place after the swearing-in.”

That concludes our news update for now. Stay tuned for more stories as they develop. Thank you for reading, and have a great evening.

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