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Chef Hilda Baci Net Worth (2023)

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Recently on this web, we published the biography of hilda Baci. We worte three content on the biography so as for you to know about her and your searches won’t go on vain.


In this post we will see Hilda Baci Net Worth 2023 because it is the year she rise to fame because she beat the longest cooking period 87 hours to 100 hours.

Hilda Baci Wikipedia Profile

Name Hilda Effiong Bassey
Date Of Birth September 20, 1996
Age 27 Years Old
Stage Name Chef Hilda Baci
State Of Origin Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria
Career Food Chef, Tv Presenter, Businesses Woman, Actress
Marital Status Unknown
Instagram @Hilda Bacci
Net Worth  $320,000

Hilda Baci Net Worth 2023 In Naira

What is Hilda Baci Net Worth?

Chef Hilda Baci is a successful businesswoman and chef with a stellar reputation in the food industry. Her owns and have eyes for high-end and luxury cars.

Chef Hilda Baci net worth is approximately $320,000,when converted to the Nigerian naira, it is worth over 200,000 million naira.

Quick Fact About Hilda Baci

  • When Hilda opened her first high-end fast-food restaurant in June 2022 and catered to an enormous number of customers, her diligence and hard work had paid off. A nominee for Best Movie at the Africa Magic Viewers’ Choice Awards (AMVCA), Dream Chaser is one of the films and soap operas in which she has demonstrated her acting talent.
  • Hilda Baci is a well-known foodpreneur, actor, and TV host who is renowned for her superb home cooking. She founded “My Food by Hilda,” a high-end restaurant and delivery business for continental and African cuisine.
  • Hilda Baci cooking ambition was inspired by her mother.
  • She went to Madonna University, Okija.
  • She is verified on Instagram
  • She is a also a movie actress
  • She has a YouTube channel where she showcase her cooking talents.

Read more biography on Hilda Bassey here.

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