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A Businessman Accuses His Wife Of Having A Hidden Second Marriage.

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At the Customary Court in Jikwoyi, Abuja, a businessman by the name of Chuka Emmanuel has filed a lawsuit against his wife. The lawsuit stems from his wife’s covert union with a different man.


A businessman accuses his wife of having a hidden second marriage.The spouse, who has been identified as Jane, allegedly wants to end their union. The husband testified in court that he learned of his wife’s second marriage after she moved out of their marital house and into a different neighborhood three years ago. The billionaire further disclosed that, since she left in 2020, he has been completely in charge of raising their three children.

When he learned that his wife had already had a kid with another guy and had married him, he expressed his amazement and dismay. He is asking the court to break their marriage and give him custody of their three sons in light of these facts. He also begged the court to stop his wife from seeing their kids while he was away in order to prevent any potential influence on him.


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