Shallipopi Ahead Ahead Lyrics

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Here’s the lyrics to Shallipopi new song titled “Ahead Ahead Lyrics.”

Shallipopi outdone himself on this song. The lyrics are top notch and catchy.

The Nigerian singer is very good with his pen game. Read the lyrics to Ahead Ahead by Shallipopi below.

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Ahead Ahead Lyrics By Shallipopi

Ahead Ahead – Shallipopi

They call me Shallipopi


Bezzy na plutocracy

Say Bezzy

Bezzy na bad producer wahala say


Bezzy plutocracy

No cap o



No cap o ahead ahead o



I gat no girl no girl gat me

Wahala say

Cause when I broke all of dem con Dey loose guard me

Eh god clear road

Am a none hood boy

Now Fundz done come you one hook up me?


Am a none hood boy

Pluto squad all of dem got me

Eh good

Am a no b**h boy

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