Rord Kelly – The Paper Chasers Album (Ep)

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Rord Kelly, a Nigerian based singer and rapper , that influence the music industry with Igbo language rapping style is set to release a mond blowing studio album project which the title is “The Paper Chasers Album (Ep).”


The album contains 15 interesting songs of which few like Leave Me is already released and trending all ready.

Below contains the tracklist of The Paper Chaser Album (EP)

Download All Latest Rord Kelly Songs

  1. Rord Kelly – No Excuse.
  2. Rord Kelly – Ghosted.
  3. Rord Kelly – Tribute To Grandma.
  4. Rord Kelly – Leave Me. 
  5. Rord Kelly– Woman.
  6. Rord Kelly – My Thug Shit.
  7. Rord Kelly – Weytin Belong to Ceazer. 
  8. Rord Kelly – My Mother Jacinta.
  9. Rord Kelly – Blessed Sinner.
  10. Rord Kelly – Molly.
  11. Rord Kelly – Amara.
  12. Rord Kelly – Ndi Ogiriga. 
  13. Rord Kelly – 4 Days Ago.
  14. Rord Kelly – Money Don Enter.
  15. Rord Kelly – Chimezie.

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