Rord Kelly Biography, Net Worth, Real Name, Age, Religion, Wikipedia

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Rord Kelly is a Nigerian singer, rapper, songwriter, and music producer from the eastern part of Nigeria, Enugu State, Nigeria. Kelly showed his musical prowess from a young age, showing a particular interest in trap and rap songs.

  • Name:  Anih Elijah Chinecherem 
  • Date Of Birth: Born on 2003
  • Age:  20 Years Old 
  • Career: Nigerian Rapper
  • Nationality: Nigeria 
  • State Of Origin: Enugu State 
  • Religion: Christianity 
  • HIT Songs: “Amara,” “Leave Me,” 
  • Net Worth: $30,000
  • Instagram Link: @Rordkelly
  • Category: Biography


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Rord Kelly Biography: Who Is Rord Kelly?

Rord Kelly, whose real name is Anih Elijah Chinecherem, is a Nigerian fast rising singer, rapper, songwriter, and music producer from the eastern part of Nigeria, Enugu State. Rord Kelly showed his musical abilities from a very young age, showing a particular interest in trap and trap music.

Rord Kelly Real Name

His real name is Anih Elijah Chinecherem. He is an Igbo guy and native of Enugu State, Nigeria.

Rord Kelly Age

Rord Kelly is 20 years old. He was born in 2003 between the month of April to December.

Rord Kelly Career:

Anih Elijah Chinecherem started his music career from a very tender age with the stage name “Rord Kelly”. He is also known as Kelly Badman or Verified Ogbe.

This interest paved his career path as a musician. He became a sensation in Enugu, Anambra and all other Eastern states in Nigeria, after “Verified Ogbe” and “Money Matter,” received a warm reception.

Rord Kelly gained massive recognition in the music industry after his song” Amara,” became  a global hit song in 2022. He started his music career in 2016 as a beat producer and a rapper.

Rord Kelly Record Label

Record Kelly is signed to GBC Record. He was noticed on Instagram by GBC Record in 2021, he was invited to the studio and the record real between GBC Record and Rord Kelly was striked.

Rord Kelly Education:

From Rord Kelly’s tongue and mode of speaking you will know that he attended school for education. It was reported that Rord Kelly finished his primary and secondary school in Enugu State. He then furthered his education to higher institution.

We currently have low information regarding his education background, we will keep this page updated whenever we get any information on his schools and degrees.

Rord Kelly Songs & Albums

As we said earlier, Rord Kelly is a singer and below contains some of his recognized song in the music industry.

  • Blessed Sinner
  • Verified Ogbe 
  • Amara
  • Leav Me
  • Money Matter
  • Ogbe O.T
  • Western Union 
  • Pharaoh
  • Onye Olewa

Rord Kelly Religion

Rord Kelly is a Christian. He is an indigene of Igbo language, it is common for every Igbo to be a Christian. He believes in God, he always prayed for grace and advice his followers to do so.

Rord Kelly Net Worth

Rord Kelly has a net worth of over $30,000 as of 2023. He earned a living with his career as a Nigerian Rapper. He is living in his own house and he owns one of the expensive cars in his vicinity.

Conclusion On Rord Kelly Biography

Rord Kelly is a rapper who uses igbo language to rhyme out words. His song is cool, it became accepted in 2021 by street guys in Eastern part of Nigeria.

Rord Kelly has alliance with top Igbo influencer and rapper like Jeriq, Ofour2, Kolaboy, Ugoccie and even Kcee.

Thanks for reading our unique article on the biography of Rord Kelly. Rord Kelly is coming up with rapid speed and in few years he will be bigger than his peers. Shae this biography with your friends.

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