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Man Fakes Own Kidnap, Pays Thieves N365,000 in Ransom

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Nafiu Sulaiman, 19, was detained by the police in Kano State for reportedly “kidnapping himself” and demanding N365,000 in ransom from his uncle, who employs him in a cement shop in Garindau Village, Warawa LGA.
The suspect admitted to the crime when he was paraded by the police and claimed that he planned his own kidnapping and that he did it to obtain money so that he could purchase clothing and other items.

According to him, he moved himself into an unfinished structure and slept there for a few days. He also claimed that the money he had collected had been taken from him.

He clarified that;

I planned everything. I used another line to call my boss, who is also my uncle. I demanded a ransom and asked them to drop it somewhere. I stayed there all these long, and when I needed food, I came out to buy and go back.

“But I didn’t use even one per cent of the money. I spent only N20,000 and buried the money somewhere. When I got there I found the money was stolen.”

According to Muhammad Usaini Gumel, the state’s commissioner of police, the suspect was apprehended throughout the course of the investigation and admitted to having personally staged his own kidnapping in order to extract money from his uncle.

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