Flavio Hlabangwane Biography, Net Worth, Real Name, Age, Nationality, Wife, Mother, Family, Wikipedia

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Flavio Hlabangwane, a former statistician from South Africa, was found guilty of killing Tshepang Pitse, his cousin and girlfriend, in 2021. In January 2023, he was given a life sentence.


Flavio Hlabangwane Wikipedia Profile

Name Flavio Hlabangwane
Date Of Birth  Born On 1994
Age 29 Years Old
Nationality  South Africa
Career Statistician And Economist
Religion  Christianity
Net Worth  N/A

Flavio Hlabangwane Biography: Who Is Flavio Hlabangwane?

Flavio Hlabangwane Biography
Biography Of Flavio Hlabangwane

Flavio Hlabangwane was born in Protea Glen, Soweto, in the year 1994. He is a well known South African former economist who was arrested for taking the life of his girlfriend, Tshepang Pitse, in 2021. He was sentenced to life in prison in January 2023.

Real Name

His real name is Flavio Hlabangwane


Flavio Hlabangwane is 29 years old as of 2023, which is also the time this article was been published. He was born in 1994.

Fiavio Hlabangwane Education

Flavio Hlabangwane was a brilliant and intelligent student, he excelled in mathematics and science. He attended Immaculata Secondary School, where he was the head boy. After graduating from high school, Hlabangwane was accepted to the University of the Witwatersrand, where he studied actuarial science. He graduated with great achievements in 2018.

Flavio Hlabangwane Career, Controversies

After Flavio Hlabangwane graduated from the university, he worked as a statistician at Liberty Group South Africa. He was promoted to intermediate actuary in 2020. In November 2021, Flavio was arrested after body parts were found in his refrigerator.

He confessed to killing Pitse, his girlfriend, saying he did so after discovering that Tshepang was cheating on him. He told the court that the murder, dismembering and discarding of her body parts took place between November 1 and 13 2021.

In January 2023, Hlabangwane was found responsible for the intentional murder, impeding the course of justice, and violating of Tshepang ptise body. He received a life in prison for this crime.

The case of Hlabangwane upset the people of South Africa. He was an intellectual, young, and promising man who had nothing to fear from life. His crime serves as a warning that even those who appear to be good can be capable of doing terrible things.

Flavio Hlabangwane Nationally

He is a citizen of South Africa.

Flavio Hlabangwane Family, Father, Mother, Wife

Flavio Hlabangwane mother worked as a domestic worker to make sure her family feed. She was a strict woman who taught in her children the importance of education. Hlabangwane and his siblings were expected to do well in school and to make something of themselves.

Information regarding Flavio Hlabangwane family is total not available. He has never attended any interview where he may be asked about his personal life and background.

Flavio Hlabangwane Religion

He is a devoted Christian. He practice Christianity as a religion. He is a fervent follower an believer of our lord Jesus Christ.

Flavio Hlabangwane Net Worth

Hlabangwane’s net worth is estimated to be $0. He had a bright future as an economist, but his life changed forever when he was found guilty for the killing of his girlfriend.

Conclusion On Flavio Hlabangwane Biography

Flavio Hlabangwane Biography
Flavio Hlabangwane Biography, Net Worth Wikipedia, Real Name, Age Nationality

Flavio Hlabangwane’s story is a tragic one. He had so much enticing potential and could have made a real difference in the world.

However, he made a terrible mistake and now he will have to pay the price for it. His case is a reminder that we all need to be careful about the choices we make. Even a little mistake can have a negative impact on our lives.

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