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Enioluwa Adeoluwa Biography, Net Worth, Age, School, Religion, Education, Wikipedia, Parents, Family

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Enioluwa Adeoluwa Wikipedia Profile

Full Name Enioluwa Adeoluwa
Date Of Birth July 6, 1999
Age 24 Years Old
Occupation/Career Media Personnel
Marital Status NIL
Religion Christianity
Net Worth $150,00

Enioluwa Adeoluwa Biography: Who Is Enioluwa Adeoluwa?

Enioluwa Adeoluwa Biography
Biography of Enioluwa Adeoluwa


Enioluwa is a Nigerian author, media expert, art director, and public figure. He was born on July 6, 1999, he was conceived in Ado-Ekiti, Ekiti State. His parents are likewise natives of the southwest Nigerian state of Ekiti.

Enioluwa Adeoluwa father, Professor Victor Adeoluwa, is a well recognized vice chancellor at the Bamidele Olumilua University of Education in Ikere-Ekiti as well as an associate professor at Ekiti State University. While his mother works as the Chief Executive Officer of Expression Of God’s Heritage Nigeria Limited, a non-governmental organization that promotes women’s empowerment, and she is also a professor.

Enioluwa Adeoluwa Real Name

Beauty Boy real name is Enioluwa Adeoluwa, a boy with big dreams from ekiti state, Nigeria.

Enioluwa Adeoluwa Age

Enioluwa was born on the 6th of June, 1999. Comes July 2023, he will be 24 years old.

Enioluwa Adeoluwa Education

Enioluwa, popularly known as Beauty Boy, a nickname given to him by his fans, first attended Cabataf Nursery and Primary School before moving on to Preston International School, where he completed his secondary schooling.

He continued his studies after completing his secondary schooling at Ekiti State University, where he earned a bachelor’s degree in theatre arts with first-class honors and a CGPA of 4.71, making him one of the best graduating students in both his department and the university. In 2020 and 2021, he returned to Pan-Atlantic University to complete his master’s degree in marketing communication.

Enioluwa Adeoluwa Career

Enioluwa is a well known media personality, he is also a novelist, art director and communications specialist. While growing up, he began his writing career. He began writing when he was just 14 years old.

Because of his skill in media presentation and content creation, as well as his passion for writing, he really rise to fame and attracted a massive following on social media..

Enioluwa also has eyes for skin care, fashion, and beauty stuffs. He founded “The Late Night Show With Eni,” an online program where he conducts interviews with notable individuals from Nigeria, including celebrities, influencers, and business personnel. The program, which debuted on Friday, features Don Jazzy Nigeria top record label owner (Mavin).

Enioluwa Adeoluwa Girlfriend, Wife

Enioluwa is not that of a social media type. Even if he have a girlfriend, he won’t make mention of it on social media. So currently we don’t know if Enioluwa Adeoluwa is engaged or married yet.

Enioluwa Adeoluwa Religion

Enioluwa is a devoted Christian and a fervent follower of our lord Jesus Christ. He believed in God and that is why he is growing in health and wealth.

Enioluwa Adeoluwa Net Worth

Enioluwa Adeoluwa Biography
Enioluwa Adeoluwa Net Worth

The estimated Networth of your favorite celebrity Enioluwa Adeoluwa is approximately $150,000 as of the time of publishing this article.

Even in his early age, he is making money to pay his bills as a young guy and also live his dream life.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Which school did Enioluwa graduate from?

Enioluwa Adeoluwa attented Ekiti State University in Nigeria. He graduated from school in 2018.

Which course did Enioluwa study?

He studied Theatre Art, One of the most popular courses in school. He bagged a bachelor degree in the media and Theatre Art.

Who is enioluwa in Nigeria?

Enioluwa is a Nigerian author, media expert, art director, and public figure. He was born on July 6, 1999, he was conceived in Ado-Ekiti, Ekiti State. His parents are likewise natives of the southwest Nigerian state of Ekiti.

How old is enioluwa on tiktok?

Enioluwa Adeoluwa is 24 years old. He was born on July 6th, 1999

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