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Eemoh Biography

Eemoh, a relatively new face in the amapiano music scene, has quickly risen to prominence with hits like “IMPUMELELO” and “SGUDI SNYC.” Transitioning from his roots in hip hop, this talented artist has embraced the captivating rhythms of amapiano, captivating audiences with his unique sound.


Early Life and Education

Eemoh’s journey began in the picturesque village of uNtunjambili. Raised amidst its vibrant culture, he gained a deep appreciation for music. Completing his high school education in Kranskop, Eemoh pursued his musical passions while studying Law at UKZN.

Musical Career

Eemoh’s entry into music dates back to his grade 7 years at Vusizwe Primary School. He ventured into a proper studio, crafting his first song. From the outset, he experimented with various genres, including maskandi, kwaito, and hip hop.

Formation of Fuego Gang

In 2014, Eemoh’s musical journey converged with others on a similar path. Together, they formed Fuego Gang—a collaborative group uniting diverse talents such as a cameraman, DJ, and actor, all rooted in the same local village. This period marked the beginning of his transformation into a versatile artist.

Adapting to the competitive music landscape, Eemoh discovered his knack for versatility. He diversified his musical style, learning to create beats, mix, and master songs. This adaptability became his trademark, allowing him to stand out in a crowded field.

Eemoh Age

Eemoh’s birth year, 2000, places him at the youthful age of 23. His age reflects the emerging generation of musicians shaping the amapiano genre.

Collaboration with Dj Stokie

Eemoh’s breakthrough moment came with the collaboration on “Masithokoze” alongside Dj Stokie. This track became a sensation, captivating audiences on TikTok, Twitter, and Facebook. The fusion of their talents breathed life into the amapiano scene.

Eemoh Hit Track

Released on June 24, 2023, “Masithokoze” resonated with listeners, garnering over 14k views on YouTube. Clocking in at under two minutes, the song’s infectious energy and rhythm solidified its status as an amapiano anthem.

Social Media Presence

Eemoh’s social media presence has grown steadily. Platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and Soundcloud offer insights into his world. Engaging with fans, sharing snippets, and showcasing his journey, Eemoh bridges the gap between artist and audience.


In a world where music is a language that knows no boundaries, Eemoh has emerged as a true artist of the modern age. From the quiet corners of uNtunjambili to the bustling rhythms of amapiano, his journey is a testament to the power of passion, adaptability, and raw talent.

As we groove to the beats of “Masithokoze” and witness Eemoh’s rise, we’re reminded that the music industry is not just about fame, but about the stories that artists like Eemoh bring to life. With every note, he weaves a tale of ambition, growth, and the magic of music.

So, let us continue to follow Eemoh’s melody, as he adds his unique verse to the symphony of South African music. As the spotlight shines brighter on this rising star, we eagerly anticipate the chapters yet to be written in the captivating biography of Eemoh.


How did Eemoh’s musical journey begin?

Eemoh’s musical journey commenced during his grade 7 years at Vusizwe Primary School, where he recorded his first song.

What is the story behind “Masithokoze”?

“Masithokoze” is a collaborative effort between Eemoh and Dj Stokie, captivating listeners with its energetic amapiano vibes.

What sets Eemoh apart in the music scene?

Eemoh’s adaptability and versatility have become his competitive edge, allowing him to explore and master various musical styles.

How old is Eemoh?

Eemoh, born in 2000, is currently 23 years old.

What genres did Eemoh explore before amapiano?
Eemoh dabbled in a variety of genres, including maskandi, kwaito, and hip hop, before finding his home in the amapiano genre.

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