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Chef Dammy Ekiti Biography, Net Worth, Real Name, Age, Religion, Wikipedia, Cookathon, Husband, Family

Chef Dammy Biography

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Recently, a figure began to trend online bragging she can cook for over 120 hours breaking Hilda Baci Cooking marathon of 100 hours.


Her name is Damilola Adeparusi, her friends or should I say she’s popularly known as Chef Dammy.

Chef Dammy is a Nigeria chef, tv presenter and show organizer, she is from Ekiti State, Nigeria. She was born on around the 1990s. In this post, we will get to know her Biography, Net Worth an every details you need to know about her.

Chef Dammy Biography

Damilola Adeparusi was born and raised in Oye, Ekiti State. She was born in 1990s. Further details about her background is unknown at the moment, she has not attended any interview.

She was raised in a family that enjoyed food, so she quickly discovered her love of cooking. She studied culinary arts at the Nigerian Institute of Hotel Management and Tourism.

Chef Dammy Biography
Biography Of Chef Dammy Biography (Damilola Adeparusi)

Real Name

Chef Dammy real name is Damilola Adeparusi. People with the name Damilola are mostly Yorubas, so she is a Yoruba from Ekiti State, Nigeria.


Chef Dammy was born in the 1990s. She might be 24 years old as of 2023. The specific date of birth is currently not known.


Chef Dammy started working as a chef at different hotels and restaurants in Nigeria after receiving her degree from college. She immediately established a reputation for her tasty meals and unique recipes. She launched her own catering business in 2017, she called it the “Damilola’s Kitchen.”

Additionally, Adeparusi has served as a guest chef on a number of well-known Nigerian cooking programs. She regularly contributes to blogs and food publications and she published several cookbooks.

Adeparusi has received many honors for her culinary talents, including the 2018 “Best Chef in Nigeria” title. Many news publication and news organizations like NYTimes, The guardian have all talked about her.

Chef Dammy Guiness World Record And Cookathon

Chef Dammy is on the move to break the guiness world record for the longest continuous cooking marathon with a target of cooking for 120 hours. She started this marathon on the 8th of June, 2023. She has already cooked for 33 hours already.

Damilola goal is to beat Hilda Bassey 100 hour cooking challenge to be on the guiness book of record for the longest cooking period. She said she will cook for 120 hours. Her family and friends are there for Adeparusi. Several Nigerian companies are also sponsoring her. She already created a GoFundMe page to raise money for her challenge.

Chef Dammy is a driven and aspirational individual. She is sure she can break the record for the longest cooking session. She serves as a source of inspiration for many individuals in Nigeria and other countries.

Chef Dammy Husband

It is possible for Chef Dammy to be in a relationship or possibly married but we can’t tell because she has not made any official statement concerning her marital status.

Chef Dammy Family

There is no information regarding her family background. Maybe after the cooking marathon, she will attend lot of interview. We will always keep this page updated.

Chef Dammy Net Worth

Chef Dammy also known as Damilola Adeparusi has an estimated net worth of over $300,000. She has been spotted severally with expensive cars and drips.

Chef Dammy Instagram

She currently has thousands of followers on Instagram. Her Instagram handle is @chefdammy


Above written are the few information about Chef Dammy also known as DAMILOLA ADEPARUSI. As said earlier, she is from Ekiti with the sole aim to beat the 120 hour cooking marathon.

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