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BREAKING!!! Dagrin’s Mother Desperately Seeks Financial Aid From Nigerians

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Good evening, I’m here with breaking news. The mother of the late Nigerian rapper, Dagrin, has reached out to the public for help. In an emotional plea on social media, the elderly woman shared her struggles since the passing of her son.

A video circulating on social media shows Dagrin’s mother selling food on the roadside, while appealing to Nigerians for financial assistance. She explained that her age makes this job very demanding, and the income generated is not sufficient to support her family.

In her own words, she said, “Please, I am poor and I’m calling on Nigerians to come and help me. I currently sell food by the roadside, but the stress is overwhelming, and I’m getting older. I need proper housing. Nigerians, I’m in need of about N3 million to N5 million. I can’t approach rapper Olamide for financial assistance because it feels somewhat uncomfortable, as if he is not my elder. I regard him as a son.”

This heartrending situation has garnered significant attention online, with many people expressing their sympathy and concern for the mother’s well-being. Her plea highlights the difficult circumstances she faces and her desire for support from fellow Nigerians during this challenging time.

Let’s hope that the public response to her plea is generous, and that she receives the assistance she needs. We will continue to monitor this story and provide updates as they become available.

In Her Words, She Said;

“Please I am poor and I want Nigerians to come and help me, I currently sell food by the roadside but the stress is too much and I am getting old.


“I need accommodation, please Nigerians I need like N3Million – N5Million, I can’t go and beg Rapper Olamide for money because it is somehow as if he is not an Elder, I look at him like a son.”

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